Grants Summary 

Research Income 2008-2010

ICTR research income 2008-2010

ICT Research Institute Income (2008-2010)


Recent Successful Competitive Grants

ARC Discovery Projects

YearsInvestigatorsProject TitlePrimary FoR
2014-2016A/Prof Minjie Zhang, Prof Darmawan Sutanto & A/Prof Takayuki ItoMulti-Agent Solutions for the Development of Self-Organised and Self-Adapted Distributed Energy Generation Systems0801 Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
2014-2016Prof Abdesselam Bouzerdoum & Dr Son Lam PhungDynamic Visual Scene Gist Recognition using a Probabilistic Inference Framework0801 Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
2014-2016DECRA: Dr Fenghui RenAn Adaptive and Intelligent Service Level Agreement Negotiation System for Web-Based Service-Oriented Grid Computing0801 Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
2013-2015Prof Willy Susilo & A/Prof Yi MuSequential attribute-based encryption: new cryptographic framework, constructions and applications towards cloud security0804 Data Format
2011-2013Dr Markus Hagenbuchner, Prof Ah Chung Tsoi, Prof Marco Gori, Prof Allessandro Sperduti & Prof Franco ScarselliModelling graph-of-graphs for solving document categorisation problems0801 Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
2011-2013A/Prof Yi Mu, Prof Willy Susilo & Prof Vijay VaradharajanAchieving security and privacy in radio frequency identification (RFID) with lightweight security technologies0804 Data Format
2008-2010Dr Markus Hagenbuchner, Prof Marco Gori, Prof Ah Chung Tsoi & Prof Allessandro SperdutiInvestigations into Distributed Information Processing of the World Wide Web2801 Information Systems
2007-2011Prof Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Prof M. Amin & Dr Son Lam PhungAdvanced processing for through-the-wall radar imaging2802 Artificial Intelligence and signal and Image Processing
2008-2010Dr Markus Hagenbuchner, Prof Marco Gori, Prof Ah Chung Tsoi & Prof Allessandro SperdutiData structure which changes with time: a machine learning approach0801 Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
2008-2010Prof Willy Susilo, A/Pro Yi Mu & Dr J. BaekSecure and practical anonymous electronic payment and applications2805 Data format
2010-2012Dr Christian Ritz & Prof IS BurnettEncoding and Communicating Navigable Soundfields2802 Artificial Intelligence and signal and Image Processing
2008-2010A/PRof T.A. Wysocki & Dr Mehran AbolhasanNovel Architecture for Next Generation Wireless Relay Networks2917 Communications Technologies


ARC Linkage Projects

YearsInvestigatorsProject TitleCollaborating organisation
2012-2015Prof Willy Susilo, Dr Khin T. WinPractical unified framework for secure e-consent mechanism for health recordsEnitiatives.Com Pty Ltd
2010-2013Prof Willy Susilo, Prof Tsong Y. Chen, Dr Zhiquan Zhou, Dr Fei-Ching Kuo, Prof T. H. Tse & Dr Wing K. TamEat and Dream: effective automatic testing and debugging for real-life embedded wireless communication softwareChina Elite Communication Company Ltd
2009-2012Prof D Sutanto, A/Prof M. Zhang & Dr C. J. ParkerEmergency Control of Catastrophic Disturbances in a Power SystemTransGrid
2008-2010Dr Markus HagenbuchnerInvestigations into machine learning applications in link analysis 
2009Prof Salim(Abdesselam) BouzerdoumRobust Beamforming for Radar Imaging 


ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF)

YearsInvestigatorsProject TitleCollaborating organisations
2014From UOW: Prof Willy Susilo Renewing Intersect's share of the National Computational Infrastructure's peak facilityCSU, UC, SydneyU, UTS, Macq, UOW, UWS, UoN, UNE & SCU
2011From UOW: Prof T. R. Merchant, Dr Markus Hagenbuchner & Prof K. A. Tieu
(Administered by University of Sydney)
Flexible architecture high-performance computing facility for the intersect consortium of New South WalesMacquarie University, SCU, UoN, UNE, UNSW, UTS & UOW


ARC Future Fellowships

YearsInvestigatorsProject TitleCollaborating organisations
2009-2012Prof WIlly SusiloSecure and Efficient Fair Exchange ProtocolsI2R, Singapore, City University of Hong Kong, HP Lab, UK.


Other Grants

YearsInvestigatorsProject TitleFunding Agency
2009-2010A/Prof Golshah Naghdy, Prof Philip Ogunbona, Prof Fazel NaghdyAddressing ICT curriculum recommendations from surveys of academics, workplace graduates and employersAustralian Learning & Teaching Council (ALTC)
2009-2010Prof Willy Susilo, Dr Thomas PlantardPost-quantum Cryptography:  protecting Counter-Terrorism against Future Capabilities of Quantum ComputersDepartment of Prime Minister and Cabinet
2009Dr Christian Ritz, David StirlingContextual modal behaviours of hot metal temperature resulting from their production processesBluescope Steel Limited
2009Prof Willy SusiloSecure Digital Prepaid SystemsDag Consulting Services, Indonesia
2009Prof Farzad SafaeiReliable Communication Architecture for Mission Critical SystemsPartech Systems Pty Ltd
2009Dr Mehran AbolhasanPartech SPLCCEnterprise Connect


Last reviewed: 2 December, 2013